Watts Clever EW4500 Wireless Electricity Monitor

Our EW4500 Wireless Energy Monitor allows you to see how much electricity you are using and how much it is costing you both in real time and historically.
It is designed to work with virtually all digital and smart meters. It will not work with older analogue (spinning disc) meters. The EW4500 is not Compatable with the Atlas Mk7a and Altas Mk10D.

Installation and set up is simple and quick; there is no need to touch any cables or play with the fuse box. A sensor/ transmitter is attached to the front of the electricity meter over a flashing light and then left in the meter box.

THE BRACKET SUPPLIED FOR THE iCREDIT 500 METER WILL NOT FIT ON THE iCREDIT 500B METER. You will have to manually shorten the bracket if you wish to use it with this meter.

Smart Meters


If you export power to the grid from your solar system then please check if the LED light on your meter flashes on export. If it does then the monitor will NOT work correctly with your meter type. Most meter types do not flash on export or the light will remain permanently on when exporting to the grid; which is no problem.

  • See your electricity costs & usage in real time & historically
  • Works with modern digital and smart meters
  • Simple to install and setup, no electrician needed or playing with cables & wires
  • Up to 80m transmission distance
  • Data transmitted every 30 second.
  • Compatible with all voltages
  • Displays historical usage for last 24 hours, 50 days, 7 weeks or 4 months.
  • Highly accurate with +98% accuracy
  • Large clear and easy to read display
  • LCD Display Dimensions: 11.7cm (W) x 12.7cm (H) x 2.8cm (D)
  • Transmitter Dimensions: 10cm (H) x 5.9cm (W) x 2.6cm (D)
  • Takes 4 AA batteries (included)

Download the Watts Clever EW4500 Quick Installation Guide PDF Download the EW4500 Quick Installation Guide (PDF 887kb)

Download the Watts Clever EW4500 Full Instruction Manual PDF Download the EW4500 Full Instruction Manual (PDF 4.58MB)


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